Help Make a Wish Come True

Without the support of generous donors many wishes would not come true.  There are several ways that you could help to enrich the lives of  Seniors in the western states by contributing to ESF’s Senior Wish Program.  Below are some ideas or please contact ESF if there is another way you’d like to help.

If you are currently working to coordinate a Senior Wish and need support please read below for more information on how ESF can help.

Seeking a Photographer to Help Make a Senior Wish Come True

We are helping to fulfill a wish of a 66 year old gentleman who has a pure heart of helpful goldness. He has time and again gone out of his way to help his children in every way that he can. He is always thinking of others and helping his friends whenever a need arises.  Out of the blue he got very sick and got the unfortunate news that he has late stage 4 Pancreatic cancer and has an expectancy of 6 months or less. In his final time, a friend has requested to help fulfill a dream of his, to go on a horse ride.  We are working to set-up a ride for him and his adult children and would like to get some photos for his kids to have and cherish this moment of helping to fulfill his wish.  The ride will take place on September 26 at 2pm and Howard Creek Stables by Silver Falls.  If you are a local photographer and would like to volunteer your time to help capture this special moment, please contact us.

Make a Donation

By making a tax deductible donation to the Eldercare Support Foundation, you will help make Senior Wishes come true. Click here for information on ways you can support ESF.


Request Support for a Senior Wish

If you have a Senior Wish that needs the support of the community, please Share Your Story with ESF.  We can post your wish on this page so that members of the community can contribute or volunteer to help you.

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