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The Senior Wish Program was created to help fulfill the personal life wishes of senior citizens in the western states residing in long term care communities, such as assisted living, residential care, senior retirement, and nursing/rehabilitation communities.

Created and founded by Jennifer Hoffer of Marquis Companies, the program was adopted statewide and is now promoted and supported by the Eldercare Support Foundation (ESF). Employees and volunteers at long term care communities work with local businesses, community groups and opinion leaders to make senior wishes a reality. Granting of the dreams and wishes of elders in the western states through the Senior Wish Program helps to fulfill ESF’s mission.

ESF provides hands on training sessions for long term care professionals on how to successfully implement the Senior Wish Program, distributes an informational How-To Guide and DVD about the program, chronicles and promotes Senior Wish initiatives conducted by long term care communities throughout the area, and provides matching funds and resource networking to long term care communities to enable the granting of senior wishes.

ESF is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that accepts contributions to help fund the Senior Wish Program in long term care communities throughout the western states. Additionally, ESF is pleased to accept contributions that are designated for a specific Senior Wish activity and will ensure these gifts are granted to the identified long term care community.  Learn more about supporting ESF programs.

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